[SUBS] 210326 Ohashi Kazuya - Naniwa Douga & Nandeyanen Episode Drug Store

It's done the another one after a long pause. This time, Kazuya went (virtual trip) to several drug store, which has recently been like a supermarket because it sells groceries. 

I want to go to drug store that sells fresh groceries too. If I go there I will definitely do a lot of shopping and also buy side dishes, bento etc

Raw video from Aki channel ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj2KwVl238k or


softsub: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LyHvgFU2zKkavj9gqr5iR4OHbnR-BMZ-/view?usp=sharing

as usual there was an error, using odd English. because I am not an expert in both languages^^

20210416なにわ動画+ Nandeyanen Ohashi Kazuya

Yosha !!!

Nandeyanen YouTubers Kazuya episode has been completed. it took me a long time to finish. My hearing and vocabulary about Japanese is still very low, so maybe a lot of words or sentences are wrong. so please forgive me.

Kazuya chopped the onion with his pretty hands, Like It 😍. Kazuya who is very interested in the school about how to become a YouTubers. Enjoy watching.

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20210331キャスト Kazuya Ohashi

because my laptop is still damaged, in my spare time at the office, I took the time to make this translation. as usual forgive if there are words or sentences that are not right. 

I like Kazuya on the set he often talks to the staff and the director. that made everyone like Kazuya's presence. Even Seiya and Toa recognized Kazuya's expertise in communicating with the people around him. so Enjoy

Video RAW : 


Soft subs : https://mega.nz/file/afYXVKYB#N_LOpjc8IzJPLUU5rtJPciSVmZPaBfDXd8NDMqOIaaU

Deleted videos will be replaced later

as you can see in my post, there are some videos from sources that I use have been deleted from YouTube. 

re-uploaded some deleted videos via my drive and mega account has already done. There are some videos not been uploaded because there are on my  internal harddrive laptop. so please looking forward ^^

[SUBS] Nandeyanen Ohasi Kazuya Ikea Ep 2020.12.18

because I have free time, so I decide to subs nandeyanen ikea episode. 

I love how Kazuya reporting. he has genki power so make people who watch him enjoy, he also can entertaining people around him. that's why he is my ichiban in Naniwa Danshi ^^

RAW video from YouTube, Ko-san ありがとうhas been deleted, so I upload the same video in my drive. 


Softsubs : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eXwxL8rM-IxI4GqCoijE6ujlqPLm-WOS/view?usp=sharing

as usual sorry for many mistakes ^^

[SUBS] Ride On Time Naniwa Danshi 2020.11.14


Finally after  2 months busy with works things and personal life, I finally continue this  project. as usual there are words I can't understand, so please  understand this situation, hahaha.

I forgot the video from where (the source), I think it has been  deleted, usually there will be in my YT history, if it not in there so  it means it have been deleted >,<

enjoy my translation ^^

video raw (sorry for LQ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vJSx6Whd7G4Cac956K8OKMKupSxYvscL/view?usp=sharing

softsubs : https://drive.google.com/file/d/11mRDThAAakC3j9BIf0UCSTLGp5Y-HcEE/view?usp=sharing

[SUBS] Nandeyanen Ep.1 Kazuya

finally finished, speeded up 3 days, usually I work on subs for 4-6 days depending on the original subs that I get are easy or difficult to translate. fortunately that's easier now. Nandeyanen sometimes I get confused about which input people are easier to understand. because when I entered the word nandeyanen it came out "why" but if it was followed by "kanji laugh" the translation became "Why Not" finally I decided nandeyanen was Why Not. ^^ 

Raw video from ASUCANA_SHOW has been deleted, so I upload on my mega account ^^ : https://mega.nz/file/S8xmiZja#6qTqURnuX7ReY1Gi8VBw6WBssK2MLOwWW2eYBYQafUw


soft subs : 

as usual Kazuya entertained everyone, staff, guest star and those in the studio, including the audience as well. ^^ sorry if something is not understood or a translation error ^^

[SUBS] Naniwa Shigoto Ep Skewered Persimmons

another interesting episode that I'm subbing. 

because in this episode, Kazuya ate a lot of persimmon which made his brain weird and he could understand persimmon's feelings 🤣🤣
as usual there are words and sentences are strange or difficult for you to understand, because myself also confused about what is the meaning  / sentence that I translates 🤭🤭

RAW video : https://mega.nz/file/6eB0ST7S#GgU4del7abqFwUufRQhGxfEEY9NCIIWRtuqGT_uSRV4

softsubs : https://mega.nz/file/C35mGTLR#zeTeZDrWYeucy0j6Et7jDhYriNwRlAFf9h19aDZKvV0