Why I subs Naniwa Danshi videos

I have group that I like beside ARASHI, Naniwa Danshi. Johnny' junior group who been formed on October 2018. I am a new fan of Naniwa Danshi. Since video 2 faced because of Kazuya's high pitch in Johnnys World Happy Live with YOU. So I was curious about him. Then found Naniwa Danshi and their video performing original songs and all good. So I decided to keep watching.

I'm still new so I still don't know a lot. Every day I can only search about them, but rarely got it, so I asked the fans who were more senior, then I gradually started getting to know them.

 I really like Ohashi Kazuya 💚🍮 their leader. somehow he remind me of the young Ohno, he have genki power like Ohno used to very long time ago, he have great power voice, great dancer and he is dependable person. See why he is like Ohno. overall Kazuya( i called him like that) is mix between Ohno+Aiba. multi talented from Ohno, and cheerfull genki power, tennen from Aiba.My Ichiban is of course Ohashi Kazuya  which brought me to become a new fan of Naniwa Danshi. As a junior group, they are quite capable because they already have several variety shows, I tried to find engsubs, but rarely got them. Because of that, I decided to make a sub-language for them, with English and Japanese skills I can hardly be proud of ^^

I use the Japanese translation which is automatically on Youtube, then by using Google translation, I translate word by word, sentence by sentence, I usually translate it into my native language first, then translate it back into English ^^

If there are mistakes in words, sentences, please let me know ^^

why not subs in Indonesia yes the answer, I just want international fans to know them in international languages. and to improve my English too. Sometimes I write weird English ^^, with messy grammar ^^ right.



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