[SUBS] Naniwa Shigoto SP XMas 2019122

Back to translate, after finally have long break(holiday) from work. Kazuya so cool when he is in serious mode ^^, and Jo kun use a cap O.O and show his forehead, so manly ^^. Video RAW from youtube, ASUCANA-SHOW ( has been deleted), get automatic Japansubs and I'm just translating to english. I still don't understand much about Japanese and usually using broken english too. so sorry for many mistake. I do this for fun and to increase the vocab for both language ^^. enjoy 

RAW Vide : https://mega.nz/file/Wox2iJRZ#W_Uis5qkVSo--MIpU3CFTvIHJUWFY3iJqUPriIJRYKc

soft subs : https://mega.nz/file/GrByRSSb#SWumR78H6dE1eiz7kifTU_FCyAGsU-Ndi8tBLeqUccU

why not hardsubs. I was trying before, download the apps on my laptop but ended my laptop become mess O.o and I must to reinstall everything T.T (old laptop) so I just provide soft subs ^0^


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