[SUBS] Naniwa Shigoto Episode Shiragaki Ware


Finally  finished, after a couple weeks. as usual i got the raw video from ASCANA_SHOW.  Kazuya's hands are so beautiful 😚 his nails so sparkling , and looks like he has craftsman hands like Ohno, even tenchou praise him, sasuga🥰.  Dai-Chan so cute too when he makes a cup but it turns out to be a mini plate  😄


Softsubs here : https://mega.nz/file/73plhbwL#uS1Cf_20zgYUtBEJyr4iwb9Ab8PnvIOaG1lmS1fMVvE

sorry for many mistake, as usual some untranslate coz i don't understand what it means. 

Enjoy 😊😊


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