[SUBS] Naniwa Shigoto Ep Skewered Persimmons

another interesting episode that I'm subbing. 

because in this episode, Kazuya ate a lot of persimmon which made his brain weird and he could understand persimmon's feelings 🤣🤣
as usual there are words and sentences are strange or difficult for you to understand, because myself also confused about what is the meaning  / sentence that I translates 🤭🤭

RAW video : https://mega.nz/file/6eB0ST7S#GgU4del7abqFwUufRQhGxfEEY9NCIIWRtuqGT_uSRV4

softsubs : https://mega.nz/file/C35mGTLR#zeTeZDrWYeucy0j6Et7jDhYriNwRlAFf9h19aDZKvV0


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