[SUBS] Nandeyanen Ep.1 Kazuya

finally finished, speeded up 3 days, usually I work on subs for 4-6 days depending on the original subs that I get are easy or difficult to translate. fortunately that's easier now. Nandeyanen sometimes I get confused about which input people are easier to understand. because when I entered the word nandeyanen it came out "why" but if it was followed by "kanji laugh" the translation became "Why Not" finally I decided nandeyanen was Why Not. ^^ 

Raw video from ASUCANA_SHOW has been deleted, so I upload on my mega account ^^ : https://mega.nz/file/S8xmiZja#6qTqURnuX7ReY1Gi8VBw6WBssK2MLOwWW2eYBYQafUw


soft subs : 

as usual Kazuya entertained everyone, staff, guest star and those in the studio, including the audience as well. ^^ sorry if something is not understood or a translation error ^^


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