[SUBS] Naniwa Shigoto SP XMas 2019122

Back to translate, after finally have long break(holiday) from work. Kazuya so cool when he is in serious mode ^^, and Jo kun use a cap O.O and show his forehead, so manly ^^. Video RAW from youtube, ASUCANA-SHOW ( has been deleted), get automatic Japansubs and I'm just translating to english. I still don't understand much about Japanese and usually using broken english too. so sorry for many mistake. I do this for fun and to increase the vocab for both language ^^. enjoy 

RAW Vide : https://mega.nz/file/Wox2iJRZ#W_Uis5qkVSo--MIpU3CFTvIHJUWFY3iJqUPriIJRYKc

soft subs : https://mega.nz/file/GrByRSSb#SWumR78H6dE1eiz7kifTU_FCyAGsU-Ndi8tBLeqUccU

why not hardsubs. I was trying before, download the apps on my laptop but ended my laptop become mess O.o and I must to reinstall everything T.T (old laptop) so I just provide soft subs ^0^

[SUBS] Naniwa Shigoto Ep Kamaboko

My other project has been completed. Naniwa Shigoto Kamaboko episode, before it started, at the beginning, Kazuya and Jo-kun said something about the memories with Johnny Kitagawa before he passed away. Really, it's sad to see Kazuya and Jo-kun looks so lost. they had to hold back their tears.

After that, they returned as usual to entertain people.

Seriously, Kazuya is very adept in anything, in one glance he is capable do it anything. And Jo kun is really cute too when he tries something. Video raw from Youtube ASUCANA_SHOW channel(has been deleted), so upload the same video on my mega :


soft subs : https://drive.google.com/file/d/13vcUzd7YeYhpBRjDoPxEeY7hTxbKId6E/view?usp=sharing

sorry for many mistake, and there is still have unsub words because i don't really understand what it mean and too much overlapping. ^^

Enjoy ^^  

[SUBS] Naniwa Danshi @ 1st Johnnys Official Video

Project 4 is Done!. 

After I translated this, somehow, I finally found out why Kazuya was chosen as the leader, even though he was a random person, but when he speaks seriously, his words really make a good impression, it make me touched. He is truly a reliable person, nice person, and somehow he is patience type.


[SUBS] Ohashi Kazuya @ Mezamahi TV 2020.06.03

Everyone are happy today. 

I hope you are always happy. As usual, I translated the video from Kazuya, this time when he made a remote report from Osaka for mezamashi tv. Of course there is still many mistakes, I use simple English, lack of grammar, and etc. I hope you understand it

As usual RAW video from youtube, Ko san, Video has been deleted, so I upload same video on my drive :


soft subs :


[SUBS] Naniwa Danshi @ Hey Hey Neo

This is my 2nd sub, there are still many mistakes, there are words that I cannot  understand, if you understand what is meant please let me know ^^. 

As usual, i got automatic Japanese translation from YouTube, I just need to translate it into English, of course not all Japanese translate are correct, I have to listen to get what it means.

For lyrics muishiki no iro kanjani8 from jpopasia and japanese Lyrics diamond smile from https://kimiwomatteru.livejournal.com/18130.html

RAW video from Youtube. and for softsubs 

soft subs : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XdTerV-kHa0Wwt5dWMU4_3yNuJQPlO4P/view?usp=sharing

or https://mega.nz/file/n6xHGB7D#2eSOZbfVPC0KCsCRCfRRm4lmawtLcPQpaHwFHgJFYTA

[SUBS] 2020.06.05 Ohashi Kazuya cut @ Oha!4

こんにちわEveryone, Are you happy.
I hope all of you always happy
My first subbing.


Sorry for many mistake, i got automatic Japanese translate YouTube. So it's easier for me to translate.

I translate from Japanese into my original language before I translate it into English. If  I don't understand, I try to listen it. 

So if there is a mistake please forgive. My English and Japanese are not very good.

because video source has been deleted by owner, i make a backup, here the link : 

back up : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLEUGdr0nwVk9VD1hYqtsKjvtb4wmjJW/view?usp=sharing

And softsubs :https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rONnH7lLLdgJeXLKUEEwMfC4hD4dhL6n/view?usp=sharing

Why I subs Naniwa Danshi videos

I have group that I like beside ARASHI, Naniwa Danshi. Johnny' junior group who been formed on October 2018. I am a new fan of Naniwa Danshi. Since video 2 faced because of Kazuya's high pitch in Johnnys World Happy Live with YOU. So I was curious about him. Then found Naniwa Danshi and their video performing original songs and all good. So I decided to keep watching.

I'm still new so I still don't know a lot. Every day I can only search about them, but rarely got it, so I asked the fans who were more senior, then I gradually started getting to know them.

 I really like Ohashi Kazuya 💚🍮 their leader. somehow he remind me of the young Ohno, he have genki power like Ohno used to very long time ago, he have great power voice, great dancer and he is dependable person. See why he is like Ohno. overall Kazuya( i called him like that) is mix between Ohno+Aiba. multi talented from Ohno, and cheerfull genki power, tennen from Aiba.My Ichiban is of course Ohashi Kazuya  which brought me to become a new fan of Naniwa Danshi. As a junior group, they are quite capable because they already have several variety shows, I tried to find engsubs, but rarely got them. Because of that, I decided to make a sub-language for them, with English and Japanese skills I can hardly be proud of ^^

I use the Japanese translation which is automatically on Youtube, then by using Google translation, I translate word by word, sentence by sentence, I usually translate it into my native language first, then translate it back into English ^^

If there are mistakes in words, sentences, please let me know ^^

why not subs in Indonesia yes the answer, I just want international fans to know them in international languages. and to improve my English too. Sometimes I write weird English ^^, with messy grammar ^^ right.


Arashi JAL CM Okinawa Natsu 15s,30s,60s Version

Hi.. trying to make post here.
i posted in Youtube, its safe (for now ^^ hahahah) just search my account under the same name.
as back up, here the link

nb: i felt sorry toward all commentator, gomen T.T
all of them used Japanese write, and i dont know how to read (so i used google translate, make me barely known with what their means but sorry for not give feed back, T.T gomen)

How to prevent copyright????


i try made YT account and release about Arashi news and CM and its safe from banned. ^^ yokatta

YT and twitter account under the same name ^^

then trying again made with arashi's song just voice only, and its just only survive 4days before banned T.T 

anyone know how to prevent it???

I saw in YT mainly arashi variety with korean subs had survived for very long time ^^ 

And the last i want to ask forgiveness to anyone who already comment at my YT account, i can't properly answer, because almost all comments use Japanese Write T.T, yes i can understand via google translate but i'm scare the translate is wrong ^^ so i'm really sorry not give feedback, gomen ne ^^

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Black Pean EP 1

Medical drama which have Medical dragon vibes and Doctor X vibes and Maou. as expected TBS drama.

Medical Dragon because of the Heart Surgery with awesome technic, fast surgery, even the nurse Nekota  really similiar with the nurse in medical dragon, she knew the next step without asking or what tools Tokai sensei use later.

Doctor X because of Tokai sensei always ask money after/before surgery when he to be asked for help to take over the failed surgery and not paying attention  when there have a meeting.

but his attitude what i saw was Naruse Ryo vibes was there. Nino glance, nino walked soo Naruse Ryo ^^

ep 1 so epic, too many mystery need to be explain in the future.

so, was Tokai sensei had malpractice before, and Saeki sensei used it to blackmailling Tokai, Tokai never respected to others but he only respect to Saeki sensei. yeah, because Saeki sensei was Tokai's father friends(senior/his tutor) and because the malpractice ???????

the money what Tokai sensei got, he used for brand new medical tools or he submitted to Saeki sensei ????? mhmmmm

still ep 1, ok.. waiting